BRUGG eConnect creates 169 new jobs

BRUGG eConnect creates 169 new jobs

As the BRUGG Group announced in its annual report 2022, the two divisions, BRUGG eConnect and BRUGG Lifting, increased their sales compared to last year. The two now need more space to meet high demand in the future. BRUGG Lifting, the manufacturer of lift ropes, architectural ropes, wire ropes and lashing and lifting equipment, is expanding its current production hall in Birr and a new production facility is being built for BRUGG eConnect. In total, the production area in Birr is being expanded by 13,000 square metres, see the highlighted area on the article picture. This is creating 169 new jobs.

The new building for BRUGG eConnect is 121 metres long and 91 metres high. The extension for BRUGG Lifting will be 97 metres long and 12 metres high. Numerous trees and native plants will be planted in the surrounding areas. Part of the facades will be greened and a photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof.

Construction is expected to start in November 2023, and the first productions are expected to start in Birr from 2025. The cost of this investment is about 35 million swiss francs. Further construction projects for a multi-storey car park, an administration building and a 20 to 30 metre high test tower for lift cables are planned between 2027 and 2029.

BRUGG eConnect is not only expanding in Birr; at the Polish site in Miedzyrzecz, construction of a new building has already begun in April 2023 (see our earlier post here). The production area of this new hall will quadruple the current one. In Algodones (USA), a connector production facility is being built for the American market.

Find out more in the AZ article or in the podcast on SRF’s Regionaljournal Aargau Solothurn.


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