Start event Solar Butterfly with BRUGG eConnect in Brugg-Windisch

Solar Butterfly

BRUGG eConnect invites everyone to the solar butterfly start event.

What is the Solar Butterfly Project all about?

This is the first solar-powered Tiny House on wheels, a true world premiere. But it’s not just about the unique, innovative Tiny House on wheels, it’s also about the journey ahead. Because now is the right time to get the world’s population to rethink. Or as Louis Palmer, the initiator and well-known climate pioneer, says: “The world is full of solutions against climate change – and we want to visit them!”. First and foremost, the media presence of this world premiere will be used to present 1000 new innovations and projects to the general public. Louis Palmer will visit 90 countries and 1000 such projects in 4 years with his Solar Butterfly: “We are embarking on a world tour with the aim of shining a spotlight on and supporting the most important climate projects on our planet.”

Would you also like to be a part of this incredible adventure? Join the journey – on 23 May at the launch event in Brugg-Windisch!

Play Video about Startevent Solar Butterfly mit BRUGG eConnect in Brugg-Windisch

Why does the BRUGG Group and BRUGG eConnect support this project?

As could be seen at the BRUGG Group‘s annual press conference, the Group’s strategy is strongly focused on the following four megatrends: energy transition, sustainability, protection & security and globalisation. The BRUGG eConnect division is at the forefront of the energy transition with its solutions. Louis Palmer’s mission coincides with that of BRUGG eConnect, as Patrick Kern, CEO of BRUGG eConnect, also notes:

“As a Swiss pioneer in electromobility, we want to contribute to decarbonisation and sustainable technologies as a provider of fast charging cables and plug solutions. Therefore, its mission is also our mission. The Solar Butterfly project fits BRUGG eConnect because we want to advance sustainable technologies such as e-mobility and wind energy. With our cable solutions, we make an important contribution to the promotion of e-mobility and wind energy.”

Why is it worth being there at the Solar Butterfly launch event, 23 May 2022?

In addition to the unique arrival of the Solar Butterfly and its amazing wing opening at 4 p.m., many exciting highlights await you. For example, learn more about climate change on the trail or attend the lecture by Dr. Peter Morf from the Hightech Zentrum Aargau at 4:30 p.m., who will give you an in-depth insight into the e-mobility of today and tomorrow. Learn more about the project and its mission from the initiator Louis Palmer. There is so much to discover here.

Be part of this adventurous world premiere and join us at the FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch and enjoy this exciting excursion with the whole family.

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