BRUGG eConnect at Transport Innovation Summit 2023

Transport Innovation Summit 2023 Co Sponsor BRUGG eConnect

BRUGG eConnect is pleased to welcome you as a co-sponsor at the Transport Innovation Summit 2023 in London. Take the opportunity to be part of the groundbreaking developments that are driving the evolution of public transport.

Discover innovations in ticketing, payments, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), demand-responsive transport (DRT) and data usage at the Summit. High-profile speakers from global transport operators, government agencies and leading solution providers will share their insights with you.

Our CEO Patrick Kern will present BRUGG eConnect’s High Power Charging (HPC) systems. These include our CCS 2 charging systems and our latest products, the CCS1 system and the Megawatt Charging System (MCS). With the CCS 2 Compact plug, we are at the forefront with a safety rating of IP69 and are among the safest plugs on the market. Our MCS Level 3 system is designed for an output of 3000 A. and could charge a passenger car within one minute.

On the topic of electric mobility, other speakers besides Patrick Kern will examine and discuss the potential of private electric vehicles in future mobility systems, strategies to promote their acceptance and their coexistence with public transport.

Join BRUGG eConnect in shaping the future of public transport at the Transport Innovation Summit 2023 in London.

You can find more information about our e-mobility products here

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