Webinar – The future of zero-emission transport

We are pleased to invite all interested parties to watch our webinar with the topic: “The future of zero-emission transport”.

The discussion of July 12, 2023 was concerned about the challenges, benefits and future of zero-emission transport, with a special focus on what governments, cities and industry need to do to ensure the successful adoption of e-vehicles and high power charging.

The Specialists of DB Schenker, ACEA & BRUGG eConnect’s insights on Europe’s transportation electrification readiness, infrastructure and technology advancements, challenges and crucial steps needed towards achieving carbon-neutral logistics.

Watch for free at: https://www.intelligenttransport.com/

This webinar covers:

  • Challenges and the pathways of the electrification of trucks 
  • The importance of government and stakeholders working together to reach decarbonisation.
  • The future of fossil fuel, electric and hydrogen vehicles in view of CO2-emissions
  • What are the needed changes in infrastructure to make e-mobility more viable, especially with the implementation of EV chargers
  • Discussion of the needs of the passenger and how to overcome existing obstacles

If there are still questions about e-mobility, you can find us at the 20-21 September Transport Innovation Summit 2023 in London.

More here: BRUGG eConnect at the Transport Innovation Summit 2023

Patrick Kern, Chief Executive Officer at BRUGG eConnect​

Patrick Kern

Patrick is the CEO of BRUGG eConnect, with over 25 years’ experience in the cable industry. In 2018, as the then Head of the Industrial Cable Systems business segment. He already saw the potential of e-mobility and became strongly involved in the development of charging system solutions. In November 2019, he took over the management of the start-up BRUGG eConnect, which is an extension off BRUGG Cables AG.

In this brief time, BRUGG eConnect has become the technology leader in DC high power charging systems. Together with his team, he wants to contribute through innovation to the faster adaptation of electric mobility among the general population, faster charging, and a better charging infrastructure.

Patrick is the BRUGG Group’s prime example of internal development. He started in the company with a commercial apprenticeship and is now CEO of a division that achieved 60% more turnover last year than in the previous year.

Tomi Ristimäki, Chief Executive Officer at Kempower

Tomi Ristimäki

Tomi is the CEO of Kempower. With over 20 years’ experience in electrification and more than 10 years’ involvement in the e-mobility sector. He has worked in cleantech throughout his career, specifically focusing on electrification and unlocking energy savings for all stakeholders. Tomi is passionate about making the world cleaner and more sustainable by enabling the electrification transition.

Having joined Kempower in 2019, he leads the company as it establishes itself as the market-leading provider of DC fast charging devices and services for electric cars, off-highway machines, marine vessels and commercial vehicles. Before joining Kempower, he spent nearly a decade at Danfoss Editron with primary responsibility for business development in the company’s vehicle electrification business unit. Furthermore, the heavy weights of the cleantech industry like Vacon and Honeywell are on his list of former employers.

He holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management from Finland’s Tampere University of Technology. Tomi is quadrilingual, speaking Finnish, English, German and Swedish, while his electric vehicle manufacturer of choice is Tesla.

“As a kid, I was a huge fan of superheroes saving the world. While comics are fantasy, the spark of saving the world has remained in me throughout adulthood. Now, I’m in a position where I can switch from fantasy to real life and play my part in saving the world. I’m leading a company with a vision to revolutionize EV charging, allowing EVs to become the norm.”

Sture Portvik, Manager – Electro Mobility at the Agency for Urban Environment at the City of Oslo


In the Agency for Urban Environment, Sture Portvik has been responsible for the planning and rollout of new charging infrastructure. Namely both normal AC chargers and rapid DC chargers, new mobility houses, charging garages, as well as tailor-made charging solutions for electric trucks and freight vehicles, electric taxis and electric craft and service vans. Additionally he has been the project leader for various EU-projects, such as EVUE, FREVUE, SEEV4 City and Green Charge. All of this is in addition to innovative projects like the Fortress charging garage, Vulkan Green Mobility House, the world’s first project for Wireless Fast Charging of taxis and Oslo City hub, Norway’s first consolidation centre for electric heavy trucks.

Sara Teige Kalsås, Mobility Advisor, Agency for Urban Environment at the City of Oslo


Since starting in the Agency for Urban Environment, the City of Oslo, in August 2021, Sara Teige Kalsås’ main tasks have been related to the planning processes of public chargers in Oslo, both AC and DC charging. In addition to this, she is involved in the project to build chargers reserved for taxis, freight vehicles and large trucks. This work involves finding appropriate locations, speaking to possible external partners, participating in public procurement processes and advising on strategic choices for the charging infrastructure system. Additionally, Sara is currently the project leader for an evaluation for the parking situation in Oslo’s car-free city zone. The department also has the strategic responsibility for parking in the city, and Sara is participating in advising on themes such as the city’s car-sharing scheme.

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