MCS by BRUGG eConnect in the e-motec Magazine

In this year’s autumn issue of the e-motec magazine you can find a report on BRUGG eConnect. With a lot of fanfare the new Megawatt Charging System  MCS is reviewed on page 8. This new milestone in e-mobility was publicly announced by BRUGG eConnect in October 2022 at the Bauma (trade fair for construction and excavation machines), Switzerland. Patrick Kern, CEO showed the advantages of this new innovation with hard numbers.

The article reviews the MCS with hard numbers and statistics the charging system. Compared to the dominant High Power Charging – HPC, the MCS has a much higher performance. It is furthermore capable of charging trucks and even heavy duty construction machines. But not only does the article concern itself with this advancement in e-mobility. Furthermore, it informs about the history, values, growth and the challenges they bring BRUGG eConnect. In which the ensurance of the quality and the realisation of our sustainability goals are of utmost importance. Which finally allows BRUGG eConnect to establish itself on the market.

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