Cable innovation for faster high-power charging


Anyone who wants to recharge an e-car battery on the road must contend with long waits at a charging station. This wait could soon take no longer than a coffee break, since the lightweight and flexible PURWIL Connect 300 high-power cable can now more than double the level of charging current without cooling.

High-power charging (HPC) permits extremely short charging times for e-cars with correspondingly powerful battery systems. However, the charging cable is often the bottleneck between the charging station and the vehicle, since high current intensities heat up the system, especially the cable contacts. That’s why cables with cooling systems have until now been necessary for DC charging at currents above 200 amperes. BRUGG eConnect has now launched a system that can handle charging currents of up to 500 amperes without cooling. The PURWIL Connect 300 can very quickly charge the latest generation of vehicle batteries at ambient temperatures of up to 40  C.

Innovative design, new contact system

BRUGG eConnect has brought the heat development at such high charging currents under control with an innovative cable design and a new contact system. The PURWIL Connect 300 is also more flexible than comparable cooled systems; it is practically maintenance-free and can charge the battery without any noise at all. This is the most environmentally friendly way to reach a power of 500 amperes.
The PURWIL Connect 300 perfectly combines user-friendliness with maximum power without cooling, so that BRUGG eConnect meets market requirements. Since high-speed charging systems will soon exceed 500 amperes in the foreseeable future, the Swiss company has also developed a new cooled charging system and added it to its portfolio. The Alligator HPC is the most powerful charging system ever, conducting currents of up to 850 amperes thanks to its innovative cooling system.
With the two new high-power charging systems, PURWIL Connect 300 and Alligator HPC, BRUGG eConnect is further expanding its market position as a highly innovative supplier of cable and charging systems, thus supporting e-mobility more than ever with shorter charging times.

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