First press event of BRUGG eConnect

Pressebericht GoFast

Together with the Swiss SMEs GOFAST and EVTEC, BRUGG eConnect today inaugurated the latest fast charging stations in Würenlos at the “Freshbalken” shopping area. Not one but two Swiss innovations are implemented in the charging station by GOFAST, thus offering maximum safety during charging.

The charging station manufacturer EVTEC guarantees maximum safety for all end users with its two innovative safety mechanisms. Firstly, the classic temperature measurement, which is evaluated by software and dynamically reduces the charging power if the temperature exceeds the critical value. Charging is not interrupted, but can be resumed at a lower power level. On the other hand, the new patented technology adds an independent measurement that monitors both high-current contacts. If one measuring point exceeds the threshold value, the communication to the vehicle is disconnected. The disconnection logic is independent of the application software and thus offers a significant gain in safety. Thus, even if the software fails, the charging plug is protected against overheating.

In addition to the innovative protection mechanisms of the EVTEC charging stations, the focus was also on our world innovation, the “Compact” plug, which sets new standards in terms of safety and robustness. It is the only plug worldwide that is certified with the highest protection class IP69. This means that our world novelty fulfills the highest technically feasible standard and is therefore resistant to hydrolysis, UV, ozone and oxygen. The connector owes its special robustness to its housing, which has been injection-molded with thermoplastic polyurethane. This means that the housing can even be rolled over by a truck without being damaged.

We were pleased about the interest of the media representatives, about the exciting questions and of course about the great cooperation with our Swiss SME partners GOFAST and EVTEC.

Thank you for the successful event.

Please find enclosed the official press report of the event as well as the impressions of today’s press day.

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