Product innovation CC2-plug “Compact”

CC2 Stecker

Electric cars are just the beginning of the electrification of vehicles. Electrically powered trucks, construction vehicles, ships and small aircraft are currently being developed. For this, the Swiss cable manufacturer BRUGG eConnect has presented an innovation that offers a solution for these tough conditions.

According to the Swiss Federal Council, there should be around 3.6 million electric cars on Swiss roads by 2050. To achieve this goal, an expanded charging infrastructure is necessary. Among other things, DC fast-charging stations will be installed at freeway service stations, with which electric cars can be charged in under 10 minutes. This progress is made possible, among other things, thanks to the fast charging systems of the Swiss cable manufacturer BRUGG eConnect. The plug-in fast-charging cables can conduct peak currents of up to 500 amps

Can be driven over by a truck

In addition to fast-charging cables for electric cars, BRUGG eConnect AG is now focusing its product development efforts on new e-mobility application areas. The “Compact” charging plug from Brugg presented this week sets new standards for particularly tough conditions. Patrick Kern, CEO of BRUGG eConnect, explains: “Our fast charging solutions are already being used for electric trucks. We are currently also working on projects for industrial applications and electrically powered ships. The current charging systems on the market are not sufficient for this. That’s why we are already developing new solutions.”

By new solutions is specifically meant a new plug, which is hydrolysis-, uv-, ozone- and oxygen-resistant and has been injected with thermoplastic polyurethane. Thus, the plug can be driven over by a truck and is IP69 certified. With this step, BRUGG eConnect contributes to the broad electrification of new industrial vehicles.

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