Quality Policy

Quality Policy BRUGG eConnect

Continuous improvement of the quality
We are committed to a process-oriented approach which continuously improves our performance. The management provides the resources and structures necessary in this respect. The quality management system is an integral part of the overall management system and is periodically reviewed within this framework.

Involvement of the customers
It is the quality requirements of our customers and not our own ideas that are relevant. The aim is to ensure the high quality and timely delivery of products, systems and services which meets or even exceeds the expectations of our customers. We keep our customers informed about  the improvement of quality in our processes, products and services. The customers’ expectations and requirements are taken into account when processes, products and services are improved.

Improvement and adherence to the processes
Being aware that any work performed is the result of processes, we strive to standardize and master such processes to ensure a permanently high quality level, with the focus on those processes that have a direct influence on the critical success factors. The processes are subject to a systematic and interdisciplinary management, review and improvement. The products, systems and services produced and delivered by us are produced and reviewed according to defined processes. The plants, machines, vehicles, appliances and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are regularly serviced so as to ensure trouble-free operation.

Awareness of our staff members
The quality awareness of our staff members is focused on customer orientation, customer satisfaction and prevention of errors. All of our staff members are responsible for the quality of their work and are required to do an excellent job. Our staff members are empowered to identify and understand the customer expectations, to analyze customer perceptions and to increase the customer satisfaction. They are empowered and motivated to further improve the operating performance along the value chain from the supplier to the customer. The capabilities of our staff members are systematically developed through regular instructions and training units, and our staff members are supported in their personal further training so that they are able by building on their commitment and know-how to create added value for the customers and our Company through continuous advanced training and the further development of vocational skills. Social responsibility and standards of ethical conduct are anchored in all of our business practices. Thus we also continuously improve our products, systems, operations and services under the aspects of environmental protection as well as industrial health and

Commitment of our suppliers and contractors
We prefer suppliers and contractors who act in accordance with partnership-based principles and deliver products, plants and services that meet our quality
standards. Suppliers and contractors using management systems will be preferred where possible. By integrating our suppliers and contractors in our management system we support their efforts regarding the increase in quality, and we cooperate with them in the
optimization of the overall processes so that we are provided with flawless products and services. Using appropriate defined selection and assessment procedures we ensure that our key suppliers/contractors comply with our quality policy.

Measures to ensure quality

To ensure the quality of its products and services in terms of consistency, reliability and compliance with performance specifications during every step of the job, Brugg eConnect applies a process of self-checking, process monitoring and overviews using innovative technology and rigorously applying all the elements in its quality system. We also consider it very important to use high-quality raw materials.

Routine check
Every cable undergoes routine testing before it leaves the factory. In the medium voltage range, we also measure factors such as the absence of partial discharge under a high electrical load. Our in-house test requirements are more stringent than the standards in some regards. The following measurements are performed on each individual length of cable and checked for compliance with the standards:

  • Insulation resistance (1 kV cables only)
  • Geometry
  • Conductor resistance
  • Voltage testing and measurement of partial discharge

Type testing
All cables undergo special type testing in accordance with the standards. These sometimes quite labour-intensive and long-term tests are performed in our high-voltage laboratory.

Brugg Cables has set up its own testing laboratories for long-term quality assurance testing, development projects and testing during manufacturing in accordance with VDE 027.

Ongoing process reviews make sure we comply with the standards SN EN ISO 9001 and SN EN ISO 14001.

Customers have relied on the high quality of our products and services for more than 100 years.

  • Certified production facilities: at every one of our locations we develop and manufacture in accordance with the quality management system SN EN ISO 9001.
  • Environmental protection: our production facilities are certified in accordance with environmental standard SN EN ISO 14001.
  • Occupational safety and health: we meet all legal requirements in the area of occupational safety and health.
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