BRUGG eConnect with High Power Charging System Solutions on TV


As a company, we always appreciate it when we are allowed to participate in TV reports. The focus of this report is also on our unique DC fast charging systems, with which we are currently often recorded by the media. So on 20 April 2022, all the employees involved were full of anticipation but also slightly nervous about their upcoming appearance. The mood was good and the various scenes were recorded faster than first expected.

We all saw the result when it was broadcast on Monday, 2 May 2022 at 5:35 pm. We were thrilled.
The programme will be shown on Tele M1, Tele Zürich, Tele Bärn, Tele Z, TVO.

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Many thanks to the Swiss Trade Association for this great opportunity to show the BRUGG eConnect to a wide audience.

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